... chert from Loebnitz gravel pit ...

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This gravel pit owned by Baustoffwerke Loebnitz GmbH & Co. KG is located immediately at the boundary of Saxony between Bitterfeld and Bad Dueben. The river Mulde with its deposits of gravel from the Erzgebirge mountains is not far from the site but it seems that ancient Elbe had contibuted to the gravel of the pit. This is suggested by one sample of Tempskya and several ones of silicified peat possibly from the Nova Paka region or from the Doehlen basin. Among the samples shown here there are rather conspicuous ones. Continued search over many years was necessary as the fossiliferous samples are very scarce in this gravel. The pit management has been very helpful and cooperativ concerning permits. In order that this good relation is maintained, one should ask for permission before entering. Collecting is allowed in the large-size section only.

Thanks are due to DANIEL KRAUSE from Teutschenthal, for kindly providing photographs and several samples for investigations.


Loebnitz gravel pit

chert with unidentified pinnules and axes

silicified peat with seeds and fern pinnules

silicified peat with structured top face

chert with fern pinnules

chert with fern pinnules

collapsed aerial roots

chert with aerenchymatic Psaronius roots

outer Psaronius aerial root zone

Jasper / Moss agate

Tempskya and gymnosperm wood


exhibitions on fossiliferous cherts