... chert from the Neuenmoerbitz gravel pit ...

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This pit lies in a stratum of diluvial sands and gravel as it is encountered at several places in the region. It yields various types of silicites, notably of Permian origin (petrified wood, jasper, agates) among glacial matter from the North. Despite of the usually poor preservation, several fossils can be identified, as illustrated below. A detailed inspection has not yet been done.


Neuenmoerbitz gravel pit

P011Ho, chert with ostracods


P002Ho, silicified peat

P004Ho, chert with plant parts

P010Ho, chert with plant parts

P095Ho, chert with plant fragments

P052Ho, chert with Stigmaria imprint

P094Ho, chert with wood fragments

P096Ho, chert with ?Psaronius fragments

P101Ho, chert with healed cracks

P104Ho, chert with plant parts

P016Ho, chert with cracks



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