... cherts from the Donnersberg area ...

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Petrified wood from the Rhine Palatinate region (W-Germany) has been known for long. Silicified conifer and cordaite wood from the Donnersberg area has been the subject of palaeobotanical investigation since 1908 at least. One of the tuffaceous strata, Tuff 3, has yielded plant compressions of outstanding quality, as Dicranophyllum hallei, for example. The fields near Winnweiler and Schallodenbach are well known for the abundance of cherts which are, however, virtually empty except for some occasional ostracods and tiny plant tissue fragments, and rare pieces with interesting details of the Permian flora in good preservation. Remarkable examples are the non-compressed leaves of the seed fern Autunia naumanni and the petrified ground with roots from Schallodenbach. We believe that there is a lot more to be discovered in these cherts.

Special thanks are due to ROBERT NOLL (Tiefenthal) who recovered the mentioned fossils and took the excellent pictures.


outcrops near Schallodenbach / Winnweiler


chert with leaves of Autunia naumannii


chert with Dicranophyllum sp.


chert with fragments of Dadoxylon sp.


chert with roots of gymnosperms


chert with roots of gymnosperms


chert with roots of gymnosperms


chert with algae coated roots


cherts with algae structures


ostracod within chert matrix


seismites and silicified wood



strobilus and more from schallodenbach chert with root from bornheim exhibitions on fossiliferous cherts