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Welcome to the chert website!

This website is meant to give insights into the wonderful world of fossiliferous cherts. It provides information and contacts to lay palaeontologists and might attract the notice of professionals as well.

Despite of the sometimes excellent preservation of detail, the cherts do not always get the attention they deserve because they are most often found as displaced fragments, pebbles, and boulders but rarely as outcrops. Fortunately, many of them can be fairly well located on the geological timescale. Since they usually do not consist of only one fossil like a chunk of petrified wood but rather of a fragment of petrified habitat with its creatures and vegetation, they provide unique opportunities for reconstructing ancient ecosystems. Certainly the cherts are still hiding many secrets waiting to be revealed sooner or later. Various mineral inclusions may provide some indication concerning the process of silicification, which is still not fully understood.

Cherts are not found everywhere, of course, but they can be found in more places than commonly assumed. From experience we know that fluvial deposits from several geologic formations are potential sites for chert collection.

Please note that large parts from the German version are not yet available in English. The English version will be continuously completed, descriptions of localities and fossils included. Sorry for present inconveniences.



Please enjoy the world of cherts!


chert from the Doehlen basin
chert from Nova Paka
chert from the Nordwestsachsen area
Donnersberg chert

chert from the Erzgebirge basin